Tuesday, July 16, 2013

AWS Spectrum Maps - Before and After: AT&T-Leap Buyout

In yesterday's post, we saw the results of a combined entity spectrum depth map that displayed the 700MHz, Cellular, PCS and AWS bands.  However, one of the points I brought up was AT&T staying in the AWS spectrum game for LTE capacity fill in (to 700) and to position itself from an AWS LTE roaming standpoint. In this post, we are fortunate to show the AWS holdings for Leap and AT&T. 

Leap AWS spectrum

AT&T AWS spectrum

Combined AT&T-Leap AWS spectrum

What have we concluded? Specifically, the AWS national footprint still far from filled as evidenced by the white on the map. Once AWS LTE roaming happens, AT&T has the option to fill those areas, if necessary.

Despite the AWS gaps, we can see that Leap will strength AT&T LTE in specific markets such as:
  • (West) Seattle, central California, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Denver
  • (Southwest) Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tuscon, Sante Fe, El Paso
  • (Midwest) Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Louisville, Nashville
  • (South-ish) San Antonio, Ok City, New Orleans, Little Rock, Memphis, Hashville   
  • (Mid-Atlantic) Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Richmond, Charlotte, Raleigh, Columbia
  • (East-ish) Buffalo, Pittsburgh
Again, the combined AT&T-Leap spectrum depth map (note this excludes WCS spectrum)

Thanks to Mosaik for their output.