Thursday, January 29, 2015

Video: Auction 97 Discussion Before Results

The AWS-3 auction that began in mid-November 2014 mercifully ended today, January 29. The in-take was $45 billion in bids subject to discounting some bidding credits.  Many articles have been written on how it exceeded expectations, producing more than two times lofty projections.  The ink isn't dry on this and as of this writing, we don't know who the winning bidders were but it's safe to say that those carriers with positions in AWS-1 (e.g., Tier 1 - AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile) will be the winners. It's also likely those with deeper pockets will likely control the major urban markets (e.g., Los Angeles, NYC, etc.)

Here are my thoughts with RCR Wireless' Dan Meyer in mid-January. Key things we discussed were deployment conjecture, spectrum clearing and sharing with the Federal government, implications for the 2016 broadcast incentive auction, and general idle chit chat.