Monday, February 24, 2014

Tier One Carriers' Chief Marketing Officers - New Player at Sprint

This is an update of a new CMO at Sprint.  You can find the old posting listing other Tier 1 Carriers' CMOs here.

Sprint is a company in transition and catch up mode. After Softbank's completed its purchase of Sprint in July 2013, the inevitable organization shake up was to be expected.  In September,  Advertising Age reported that Bill Malloy was going to step down as Chief Marketing Officer. 

Sure enough, in early October the new executive landscape was somewhat disclosed. Yet the new Chief Marketing Officer had yet to be announced.  Of course there is some internal etiquette in deference to the incumbent but as of January, Sprint has been in a low visibility CMO transition.  Still, industry watchers could have seen this back in January within the texts of Sprint's Framily plan launch and this month's Framily plan announcement for small businesses

Sprint's new Chief Marketing Officer is Jeff Hallock and it's likely that a formal announcement will come about soon once Bill Malloy exits in March.  <Note - this is what should happen in light of the many questions on investor calls on how Sprint marketing will breakout its differentiation.  One would think a new CMO (similar to Mike Sievert at T-Mobile) will articulate his and the company's marketing strategy.>

Mr. Hallock is a Sprint veteran with at least 15 years in product marketing and channels. His latest two year tenure with media and advertising positioning rounds him out for overall CMO credentials.  Education: BS at Wake Forest and MBA at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Jeff Hallock in 2005 touting Sprint Music - Picture from CNET

Given owner Softbank is very aggressive in Japan, it'll be interesting to see what develops from Sprint under Mr. Hallock's tenure.