Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sub-1GHz Spectrum in the U.S.

Today, RCR Wireless posted an Analyst Angle article that I authored on the desirability of sub-1GHz spectrum. Within the article there are some well illustrated graphics on where the top three Tier-1 providers stand in terms of coverage and spectrum depth. Here is an example for Verizon Wireless.

(Thanks to Mosaik Solutions for their graphics & database work)

The control of this sub-1GHz has been long argued as a legacy competitive advantage that AT&T and Verizon Wireless has over competitors Sprint and T-Mobile.  The latter carriers have decent hi-band spectrum but in order to have broad national geographic coverage, the poor propagation characteristics of 2.5 GHz (EBS and BRS) and AWS (1.7/2.1GHz) make it capital intensive and costly to mirror the sub-1GHz footprint of larger rivals.