Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BlackBerry Branding - Intuitively Obvious - About Time

BlackBerry is now the corporate moniker for the old Research in Motion.  This may be non-news to the mainstream consumer/user sector as the association has always been with the product name.  To those in the analytical community we've always referred to the company as RIM or RIMM.  It seems like such an intuitively obvious move, a no brainer. But why now? 

The launch of the new BB10 seemed like a perfect timing to positively launch a new company and show execution of new thinking. Good move RIM BlackBerry.  The next move for BlackBerry marketers is to ensure the second 'B' is capitalized and to tell us what the correct marketing convention is for the plural of BlackBerry.

Here's BlackBerry's Chief Marketing Officer going through the logic.